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How to survive the summer heat when pregnant - 5 tips

Posted by Mia Holm on

How to survive the summer heat when pregnant - 5 tips

When you in the middle of winter find out that you are pregnant, you probably haven't thought about how it will feel going through a hot summer or vacation with an ever growing belly. The last couple of days in London and other cities around Europe has been hit by a heat wave and thinking back on my own pregnancy I have collected 5 of the tips I used to make me and my belly feel more comfortable.

I hope you can use them

1. Pregnancy and heat is not a good combination and if your hands and feet wasn't swollen before they will be as soon as the summer and heat comes. It is therefore important to remember to remove your RINGS or at least make sure you can still remove them.

2. Wear GOOD SHOES. With swollen feet and the extra weight (I'm sorry to say) the body and precious belly will need the best support possible

3. Drink lots of WATER or other drinks like applejuice, milk etc. to keep hydrated

4. To cool down you can also use a cold wet cloth on your neck

5. The last one is perfect to include daddy bear in, a MASSAGE. A massage is perfect to reduce swelling and at the same time super nice and relaxing for your body

So everyone keep safe in the heat :)


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