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My 10 tips with a mini travel companion vol. 2

Posted by Mia Holm on

My 10 tips with a mini travel companion vol. 2

To follow up on my first 5 tips for traveling with a baby, here are my last 5. I hope you like it :)

6. Has your baby started weening yet? Then the bottle might not be enough for your flight or if you are going on day trips during your holiday. Pippa love these smart bottle from e.g. Ella's kitchen but we like to make her food ourself. So after some searching I found different variations of a reusable "food pouches". They are perfect to bring your own food and you can get them in a variation of sizes and materials. And as an extra win it's good for the nature with less waist.

7. Airlines all have different rules but you can always bring a carry-on for your baby and a check-in e.g. a buggy, car seat etc. but remember to always check the airline you are traveling with before you book your trip.

8. Activities when traveling with a baby can be a bit limited but one thing we have had success with is the baby / toddler carrier backpack. I have heard that not all children likes it but Pippa is a big fan and it's perfect for both long and short walks and it let your child have a great view.

9. If you are going where there is a pool I can highly recommend a baby neck ring. First time a saw it I though it looked uncomfortable for the baby, but I got it highly recommended so we decided to try it and it was a HUGE success. Little Pippa loves water and she loved that ring. For the once that don't know it, it's an inflatable ring that you put around the babies neck that makes the baby able to float on its own, moving arms and legs completely free.

10. And this is kind of my favorite purchase ever... We got a small pool for Pippa when going to Spain, thinking she could use it with a small amount of water on the terrace, but it turned out that we could use much more than we had planed. We inflated it when we arrived (shaped like a lacy orange fish) filled it with pillows and toys and we now had the perfect transportable playpen. We loved it, Pippa loved it and you should have seen her face when daddy bear deflated it to go back home to London. Not a happy face...

So this is some of my experiences when traveling with little Pippa if you have any to share please do, I always love a good advice.


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