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Up and go

Posted by Mia Holm on

Up and go

I am 31 and I have been walking for quite some time now and I guess I take it for granted because I do not remember not to be able to walk, and therefore not the struggle a little one has to go through to learn. The beautiful thing though, and sometimes I think we forget this as grownups, is that learning is an amazing thing, it is life and not just a struggle.

It's almost 6 months since little Pippa started nursery (its crazy how time flies) and so much has happened in that time. She went from being my little baby to a very independent girl. She can seem quiet to some, but trust me she has a mind of her own!

She has learned so many new things from all her little friends but one thing has proven to be a bigger challenge than we expected.


GoBabyGo kneepads from Pippa Petit

How does the other kids manage to move their legs and body like that, how do they move?

This have been a big mystery for our little Pippa. We could see that she really wanted to, she was just struggling with the how. So to help her along we agreed with her nursery to do some more exercises every day to work on strength and balance but all in a playful way to make it fun. 

This called for us to test the knee pads from GoBabyGo so we did and it works! They are just amazing with the non-slip surface that makes it so much easier for little Pippa to stay up on our slippery wooden floors.  

She is not there yet, she will be very soon though. Then we will not have a single minute to our self, but that's okay and we are cheering her on every day. When she starts walking the next little helper will be the socks and tights from GoBabyGo as well, we are hooked. 

If you want to know a little bit more about GoBabyGo then head on over to where a wide range of their products will be available later this week.

I'm so sorry I don't have any pictures of little Pippa in action with the kneepads. I have to remember to take some picture for you soon, I just get so excited when she moves that I haven't taken any good pictures yet.

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