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GoBabyGo - Stimulate your child's movement skills

GoBabyGo is a Danish series of products with non-slip soles and rubber pads on the knees and toes, to ensure your child’s movement on all slippery surfaces. GoBabyGo assists with traction and stability thereby helping your child to develop muscular strength and balance while learning to crawl and walk. These are all important factors for your child’s future development.

We experience that more and more children have small or big problems with their basic motor skills. GoBabyGo products are designed so the child gets an advantageous start when starting to move around. With rubber pads on the knees and under the feet, the child will not slide on wooden floors, thereby making it more mobile and courageously. A child that can move without problems is able to explore the world and have more energy to play and learn new things. Later a child with good motor skills will be strengthened both socially and academically throughout their childhood.